The University of the Theatre of Nations

Explorations into Cold War Exchanges


  • Viviana Iacob



The article analyses the Cold War history of the University of the Theatre of Nations, a project developed by two international organisations, the Theatre of Nations Festival and the International Theatre Institute. By placing the university project within the larger framework of theatre exchanges and training programmes developed during the post-war period, the article discusses the role played by these international organizations in creating spaces where theatre practitioners from all over the world could acquire contacts and build networks that connected them to their peers despite ideological divisions. Within this framework, the article shows the contribution made by Eastern European practitioners to the development of the Theatre of Nations University and to projects implemented by the International Theatre Institute throughout the Cold War period.

Author Biography

  • Viviana Iacob

    Viviana Iacob is a postdoctoral Humboldt fellow at the Centre for Global Theatre History at Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich. Her research interests centre on theatre history after 1945 in Eastern Europe, Cold War internationalism and the role of international organizations in the cultural diplomacy of state socialist regimes. She is currently working on a monograph that places Romanian theatre within global circulations and networks articulated across multiple institutional and cultural spaces produced by exchanges between the East, the West, and the South. Her publications include “Scenes of Cold War Diplomacy: Romania and the International Theatre Institute, 1956–1969.” East Central Europe 45, (2018): 184-214; “Caragiale in Calcutta: Romanian-Indian Theatre Diplomacy during the Cold War.” Journal of Global Theatre History 2, (2017): 37-46.